Kura Second Republic Political Leaders 1979 – 1983

By: Abubakar Lawan Abubakar

Following the slaying of Nigerian military Head of State, General Murtala Mohammed in 1976, his successor General Olusegun Obasanjo introduced the transition process to dismiss military rule in 1979. A new constitution was drafted, which saw the Westminster system of government (previously used in the First Republic) abandoned for an American-style Presidential system.

The adoption of multiparty system toward the transition were approved, when the ban on political activity was lifted in December, 1978 five political parties were registered namely: NPN, PRP, UPN, NPP & GNPP. These political parties were engaging themselves for campaign throughout the country and competed in a series of elections in which PRP has both the majority of stalwarts in Kano State and Kura Local Government in particular due to influence of late Nepu founder in person of Aminu Kano.

In the struggle to battle for leadership most of the parties filled by different contestants. Primaries elections were conducted at party level before been scaling through for secondary election.

In the General Election Alhaji Nasidi Garba Kura of PRP from Makera quarters emerged a winner in the 1979 National Assembly Election after defeated Alhaji Ibrahim Kura Muhammed of  NPN. While, Alhaji Musa Dan-Malam of PRP also had defeated his counterpart Aminu Na-Goggo of NPN with a landslide victory at state House of Assembly.




2nd Republic Kura LGA Federal &State Representatives

1 Alh. Nasidi Garba Kura Member House of Reps. Elected Kura PRP
2 Alh. Musa Dan-Malam Member State of Assembly. Elected Kura PRP
3 Alh. Abdulrahman Kwankwaso Member State of Assembly. Elected Gora PRP
4 Alh. Salmanu Chiromawa Member State of Assembly. Elected Chiromawa PRP
5 Alh. Hamza Kura Member State of Assembly. Elected Karfi UPN

2nd Republic Kura LGA Chairmen and their Councilors

First Set  1980 – 1983

1 Alh. Garba Adamu Chairman Appointed Dec.1980 to

Oct. 1983

2 Alh. Sule Yako Supervisory Councilor Appointed  PRP
3 Alh. Tsoho Kubarachi Supervisory Councilor Appointed PRP
4 Alh. Safiyanu G/Malam Supervisory Councilor Appointed PRP

Second Set Oct. 1983 to Dec. 1983

1 Alh. Sunusi Gambo Kura Chairman Appointed  Oct. 1983 to

Dec. 1983

2 Alh. Tijjani Chiroma Supervisory Councilor Appointed PRP
3 Alh. Muhd Rikadawa Supervisory Councilor Appointed PRP
4 Alh. Ashiru Danhassan Supervisory Councilor Appointed PRP

Following the downfall of the second republic toppled through coup in December, 1983 Kura LGA was liquefied and returned back to old Rano Local Government. On June, 1986 Alh. Sule Umar Kura was privileged to be appointed as Chairman Rano Local Government.

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