Mental Slavery

For many years, this has been the cry of Bob Marley, an African reggae legend who was eliminated by the usual mafia which doesn’t want the African people to be free.
About 200 years ago, many Africans were forcefully sold into slavery across Europe and America, where they suffered all forms of torture and brutalities. Today, even though many falsely believe this kind of barbaric slavery to be “over”, mental slavery, which is even more dangerous than the previous one, is currently starring at us in the face.
First of all the African people must be told the truth. Colonialism didn’t end 50 years ago! Slavery is not yet over either! We are still trapped MENTALLY, PHYSICALLY, EMOTIONALLY, SPIRITUALLY, SOCIALLY, CULTURALLY, ACCADEMICALLY, TECHONOGICALLY, and many more.
This is one of the reasons why Patrice Lumumba had acknowledged many years ago, that indeed the liberation of the minds of the African people (the war on mental slavery) shall even be a much tougher battle than the eradication of settler /colonial regimes. How correct he was!
But what makes a mental slavery much more dangerous than the slavery of the 19th century?
The truth is that, unlike the slavery of the colonial era, the our forefathers knew for sure that they were in slavery. They also understood that they were living under colonial rule. By understanding their problem, they were able to work out a solution. This explains why they were able to chase the colonial regimes from power.
Unfortunately, because today’s slavery is a mind-set, many Africans do not even realize that they’re still under the yolk of “modern” slavery. This is what makes it very dangerous. It is even more dangerous when one has a problem but hasn’t even realized it yet.
Even more dangerous is the fact that our politicians themselves do not realize that we’re still under colonial rule. We have many puppet governments in place, most of which are directed and controlled from abroad. All decisions are made by the IMF/World Bank and imposed on our governments for implementation. This is what Kwame Nkrumah referred to as “noe-colonialism”.
Currently, the entire African generation have been brainwashed to disregard our culture, our fashion, our identity, even our own technology (African innovations) and our society as “out-dated”. Cars, machines, electronic gadgets and all such products made here in Africa are considered to be “sub-standard” and “unsafe”. Meanwhile we spend millions of money to import similar products of less quality, from abroad. I have for the past few months been lamenting about the gradual collapse of African industries, as we continue to import from elsewhere.
Isn’t it a shame that some African women are being manipulated by “modern” fashion to the point where they walk the streets almost naked, yet they don’t even realize it?
Even though many signs are recently pointing to the conviction that more African women are becoming proud of their natural African beauty and fashion, the major question that still remains unanswered are:
When will the ‘modern’ African woman manage to free herself from mental slavery?
When will the majority of African consumers, free themselves from mental slavery?
When will our politicians and all our leaders free themselves from mental slavery?
When will all Africans listen to Bob Marley, and understand that none but ourselves can free our minds?
Only time will tell whether the modern African woman, will give dignity a chance at some point and go back to her root, or whether she will continue to throw her dignity to the dogs in the name of so-called “modern fashion”. At the same time, time will tell whether the 21st century’s Africans will also be able to come out of slavery and to overthrow their batch of colonial rulers from power, for the freedom of the future generation. Time will tell whether Africans of today will even realize at all that we are still living under slavery.
It is important for us to understand all these realities because it is said that: “To understand the problem itself is half the solution”. I therefore encourage all Africans to join the campaign to free ourselves from mental slavery so that we can be in a position to control our own destinies in the near future. We must continue this campaign to successfully unlock the minds of our people for the freedom of Africa.
The revolution continues. Please get involved. Thank you.
Honourable Saka The writer is a political analyst on African affairs, and a well-known social commentator in Africa. As a strong Pan-Africanist, he is currently seeking to establish the “ Project Pan-Africa (PPA)”, to create a mental revolution across Africa.
Please visit Project Pan-Africa at: and reach him by Email

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